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Photographing children is like herding cats. No, wait, it’s harder than that – cats are way more amenable than toddlers! But it’s always worth it. Their playfulness and inquisitiveness has helped me learn – super fast – how to effectively wield a DSLR, while being a joy to capture.

Thinking of ways to make a portraiture photoshoot have some sparkle has been a breeze, in comparison!

Along with storytelling, capturing someone’s personality, freeze framing a moment in time, and documenting the beauty of the world around us, has become my raison d'être.

I am a self-taught natural light photographer. Within months of picking up a DSLR my work started getting published extensively in the regional and national press and I was being booked for events a variety of events including weddings, a Christening and family portraits as well as commercial work.

I am keen to offer competitive rates which reflect my fledgling status - £495 for a wedding (wedding prep to first dance) and £25 for a family mini-shoot (approx half-an-hour/12 photos) - please email me for a chat:


Thank you very much for all of the support, coverage and media promotion Fran. RE-ORG and Rock2Recovery are saving lives every week. Your support goes a long way
— Royal Marines PTI and Re-Org Foundation founder, Cpl Tom Merriman
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news reports – investigations – features – copywriting - proofreading

Thank you for being our voice
— Nurse, Cornwall, UK

A decade or so ago I found myself in the back of a clapped-out van squashed up against sacks of olives oozing with slippery black juice, my snowboard digging into my knees, jolting and jerking this way and that. I was on the return journey to Marrakech after a day’s snowboarding in the Atlas Mountains. There was a story in this mini adventure.

I’ve been pursuing stories, predominantly other people’s stories, ever since, and have spent the last 10 years working as a news reporter, investigative journalist and features writer, and since 2016, I have been taking photos to run alongside these stories, be they tales of mettle or mirth.

Proactive, investigative journalism is my thing. I have extensive experience researching issues relating to all facets of society from local government to the education and health care sectors, with my work often involving data collation and the subsequent production of in-depth evidence based reports. I am motivated by social justice and fighting people’s corners.

I have also written numerous adventure travel features for the national magazine press over the years.

In addition to journalistic assignments, I am available for copywriting and proofreading.

For a selection of news stories, investigations and features visit:

I have chosen to contact you first due to the ethical approach you use in reporting
— Anon


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Communications and Media Consultancy



Everyone has a story to tell. And, whatever your organisation, be it a business venture or a not-for-profit enterprise, I bet you have messages you want to get out there?

Years of unearthing stories destined for the front pages of reputable regional newspapers, and telling the tales of people – who didn’t necessarily always think themselves story-worthy – which have ended up in the international press, stands me in good stead to help you identify your core messages and get them heard.

I will help you decipher how your messages should be conveyed and where, including social media platforms and/or mainstream media outlets, in order to capture the attention of the people you most want to take notice of you.

I can help you with media consultancy issues as well, including advising how to deal with an impending media storm, damage control or long term media relations strategies.

Impressed by Fran’s news reporting on Devon Dub Fest, when she went freelance, we asked her if she’d help publicise our events in 2015 and 2016; Fran secured us pre-event coverage in a series of newspapers, which really helped boost visitor numbers and therefore the amount we raised for charity, as well as extensive post-event coverage including on BBC Spotlight
— Zoe Gill, co-founder, Devon Dub Fest and Managing Director, Doodlebug Marketing & Design Ltd
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Superman actor Henry Cavill takes part in the 2016 Royal Marines Commando Challenge

To discuss ideas and rates, please get in touch by emailing me at